Mike Anderson, President Financial Strategies, Inc.

Mike Anderson (internet marketing name M.D. Anderson) is a multi-financial consultant and professional sales adivsor. Over a long career in financial services spanning 35 years, he has entered every major financial occupation and still remains active in four financial disciplines/occupations. The end result is a vast knowledge of each aspect of financial planning, products and services.

He is a certified document preparer (AZCLDP) in Arizona. An Arizona Realtor and a professional insurance broker. And he practices as a registered tax preparer with the Internal Revenue Service.

He consults on tax and legal ramifications for inherited type IRA accounts left to a living trust. And his website, www.inheritedirahell.com, has become one of the most popular websites on the subject and is highly ranked by Google. The site continues to reside on page 1 of search results when an “expert inherited IRA consultant” search is peformed by those seeking a professsional advisory on large inherited IRA accounts. Mr. Anderson has clients throughout the United States and in foreign countries.

  1. Colleen Pittman says:

    I enjoyed your new blog and really liked the superman picture too!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Mike and your family.

    I have been a friend and customer of yours for years… May 2011 may be a better year for all of our families…..

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